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As a member of BitClub Network you will have full access to our tools and resources inside this Member's Area. We are constantly adding new features here so make sure you follow our news updates for more information.

Right now is the time to capitalize on the Digital Currency movement happening all over the world. As a member of BitClub Network you have an opportunity to participate in our Mining Pools that allow you to earn daily Bitcoin and other Digital Assets.

Bitclub Mining Pool

Mining for Bitcoin and other Digital Currency is profitable as long as the mine continues to expand with new equipment and maximizes efficiency. When you purchase a share in any of our mining pools you will begin receiving daily payouts for the life of your contract.

We have a very unique model that uses your profits to pay for mining costs and goes toward buying more hardware equipment. We call this our partial share purchases and each Bitcoin mining pool has a set minimum percentage that is used. Each time you earn daily Bitcoin a percentage will be paid to your wallet, then another percentage is set aside to repurchase these new partial shares automatically.

How to Buy a Mining Pool Share..

There are multiple currencies you can use to purchase a Mining Pool Share. We accept Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Ethereum (ETH). Once you click any of the Buy Now buttons above, this will generate an invoice. From there, you will need to select the tab of the intended currency you will be paying with.

Before completing the payment, be sure to verify you are sending the correct amount and the correct currency. Copy and paste the address from the invoice page, along with the total invoice amount when sending the payment.

Your invoice will be marked as pending until payment is received and confirmed on the Blockchain. Upon confirmation, the invoice will be marked "Paid" and your mining clock will begin.

IMPORTANT: All invoices must be paid within 15 minutes or they will expire. If you need more time, go back and create a new invoice to get a fresh 15 minutes. Please DO NOT SEND PAYMENT after the 15 minutes has expired. If you have any questions please contact us by submitting a Support Ticket.

Click on the banner above and register instantly. If you need any assistance or advice please don't hesitate to contact our agent at 041 072 0274 you can ask to speak to Hein or Jo-Anne