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About HHI

Helping Hand Invest  (Pty) Ltd is a diverse company, each department is equipped with staff that provides different skills and experiences. Each employee has their individual qualities that was measured by management to create a team for success. Therefor we can provide most of our clients with excellent and professional service in their own home language. We thrive on success and love creating job opportunities for the perfect candidate that wants to build a career. We have in-house education and we also make use of external companies for higher qualifications and more knowledge. Not only are we a helping hand to our clients but we are also a helping hand for our staff and for non-profitable organisations.   

Helping Hand Invest can offer you any of the following products.



Product Name or Logo

Relevant Contact Details 

Stock Market Educational     & Trading Platform 

One of the BEST and only Stock Market Educational Platforms in South Africa, that is Bank Seta Accredited and a Simulated and Live trading platform with a company that is FSCA registered 


Contact number:          +27 41 072 0274

Email:                         smc@

Contact Person: 

Any CRO at the Helping Hand Invest Office 

Private Agreements 

A mutual agreement between the client and HHI that specifies in Property Development, Business Ventures, Corporate Loans and a profit beyond expectations. This product has grown by 64% for the annum thus far. 

Office contact number:         +27 41 072 0274


Contact Person:

Hein van Mollendorff

Tommy Olivier 

Traveling & Healing 

This is an added benefit for all our clients and guest to enjoy. We offer discounted Holidays, Locally and Internationally, Honey moons, All-inclusive Holiday Packages, Business Trips and SO much more. The director also specialize in Natural Healing and distribution of Crystals

Contact details:                   +27 73 297 0811


Contact Person:

Leon Lewitton

Quote Reference HHIT For Discounts!


Variety Marketing Packages Available. 

From Social Media Marketing, Business Marketing, SMS Marketing, SEO's, Website Maintaining and Designs, Logo Designs, Events and so much more...

Contact Details:                      +27 66 258 7006                Jo-Anne Mattheus                jo-anne@

+27 76 500 2143                 Melissa Sydie                     melissa@                  

Construction work

We have contracts with architects, builders, plumbers. The services we offer under this product is construction, health and safety, maintenance or general repairs and carpenters. We use our own construction firm for our private agreements. 

Helping Hand Construct 

Registration in progress

Contact Details:                   +27 41 072 0274





Brokerage, Wealth & Health 

Helping Hand Invest has always referred financial and Wealth services to other financial institutes and thus have we decided to register and open our own brokerage firm. With all the relevant experience and qualified staff members we will soon be offering all Financial, Wealth and Health products.


Contact Details:                 +27 41 072 0274



HHI has also joined Bit Club. There was numerous of queries regarding Bitcoin so the Directors decided to search for the best cryptocurrency company. We have found the BEST. Investing in the currency could be a massive risk but investing in the mining thereof is ONLY a benefit. Generating profits and Success with minimal risk is the answer. Contact us to join or simply click on their banner and register. 

Contact Details:                  +27 41 0720274






Primary Spokes Person:      Jo-Anne Mattheus


For more than 6 years the directors of Helping Hand Invest has been specializing in Developments and many properties has come and gone.  We have now decided to open up our own Estate Agency Helping Hand Properties. Saving Agent cost and generating more profit. We will be offering, vacant land, new developments, properties for sale and properties to let. Watch this space... 


 Helping Hand Properties 

CIPC registration already in progress , company will be registered by the EABSA after the first registration process.

Contact details will be made available after CIPC registration. 

For urgent property needs we have a few already registered agents on board on a referral basis that will look after your needs and wants. 

Contact the office:       +27 41 072 0274 

Financial Loans 

We offer payday loans through our own financial platform for up to R3000 with a credit protection plan.

Helping Hand Finance is currently busy with NCR registration. We will offer the product above once its all been registered. 

Currently we only do business to business loans for more than R100 000 over a 12month term. Please ensure that your business has been operational for more than 5 years before you will qualify for this B2B loan. 

For the intern if you want a short term loan we will refer you to the relevant registered financial providers to assist you at a discounted rate. 

NCR Registration and CIPC in progress

Contact Details:                 +27 41 072 0274

Email:                      finance@

Please note:

A contact person and more info will be provided after the NCR and CREDIT PROTECTION PLAN registration 



Helping Hand Invest would like to welcome you to our Family. Thank you for taking the time to read through our website. You can now follow us on Facebook for updates on our products