Helping Hand Invest(Pty)Ltd 

Welcome to our website. We specialize in many different fields within various business sectors. With a wide range of different products and services we can assist you in building a bright future.  Our services and products consist of being your helping hand with private agreements, education in the stock market, developments, traveling packages, marketing, construction and crypto currencies. We also strive to create as much job opportunities as possible to assist with South africas skills and development.    

Receive all your independent and personal needs under one umbrella. The founder of Helping Hand Invest saw one massive gap in the market and has decided not only to make profits for himself but to share the knowledge and experience with everyone that wants to join our family. Our company thrives on assisting everyone and hence we are called Helping Hand Invest and not me, myself and I. We have an amazing team, specialized in numerous divisions, backed with years of experience and knowledge.