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Helping Hand Marketing

Helping Hand Marketing is a division of Helping Hand Invest (Pty) Ltd.

We are digital marketing strategists dedicated to assisting companies boost their brand and build their online presence. We offer services such as; digital marketing, included, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Business; Website creation and management; design work, including but not limited to: flyers, brochures banners, logos etc; Videography and photography, such as small video adverts and photos for Facebook, Instagram and website use, and Public Relations, professional presentations, content creation and copywriting among others.

The idea came about when we realized there was a gap in the digital and social media market. We decided to do something about it.
We are a digital marketing and online media agency dedicated to helping companies build their brands and boost their online presence through social media, content creation, digital management, copywriting, public relations & communications.

This division of the company is headed by Jo-Anne Mattheus and Melissa Sydie, together they have a vast knowledge and passion for all things media and marketing related. 

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Our Team

Melissa and Jo-Anne

Melissa and Jo-Anne

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About Digital Marketing strategists dedicated to helping companies build their brand and boost their online presence.