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Helping Hand Invest has Joined hands with Trumen Construction.


Trumen Construction and Helping Hand Invest have joined forces, so HHI will be handling all of the aforementioned services in the Eastern Cape.

To find out more about services offered, please visit the ADDED VALUABLES tab of our website. 

Trumen Construction boasts over 30 years of building experience within our team. They have completed large scale commercial projects as well as home renovations. Their passion is to provide you with an all-in-one service. This entails that their customers do not have to employ different businesses to do different work. Trumen Construction can assist you with anything "under the roof". They offer services to a vast area and can take on projects from Cape Town to Plettenberg Bay.                  


We would like to congratulate Hein von Molendorff on his promotion! From Head Sales Consultant to Operations Manager.

Hein has added muchvalue to our company and we have walked a thousand miles with this  man. Today we can say that we leave our company in his capable hands as we know that he outshines, outperforms and out works most of South Africa's workforce! 

He is a real joy to have at Helping Hand Invest and we hope that all the clients will see the massive value he holds to this company. 





Don't forget that we have started up a new division called Helping Hand Marketing.


We offer great service packages for all your marketing, and digital marketing needs!


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